Tomato and Potato Bake

Thanks to Jill Dupleix for this one.  I’ve changed it a bit.  That’s how I roll!

200g bacon  500g tomatoes

1kg old potatoes  1tblsp butter

2tblsp fresh thyme

bayleaf crumbled

salt and freshly ground pepper

dice bacon, fry till crisp and set aside.  Slice tomatoes into rings.  Slice thinly (don’t bother to take the skin off)  Oven at 220C butter baking dish.  Cover dish with layers and sprinkle bacon, bayleaf and thyme in between.  Pour over some liquid, like stock or water.  Bake inthe oven a long time till bottom soft and top crispy.  Although Jill wants you to half fill the container, cook on stove till boiling then bake in oven for an hour, this is not what I did.


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