Broken by Daniel Clay

Broken by Daniel Clay

Broken by Daniel Clay

What a great book, not quite finished yet but won’t be long.  This book has lots, and I mean lots of sexual activity.  It is the story of Skunk Cunningham who lives in a square in a suburb where half of the houses are state housing.  Her brother is seduced by one of the skanky girls who live over the road, Skunk is in love with a gypsy boy (she is 11!), the father of the skanks is a drunken drugged out bully and the neighbourhood live in fear of him, especially the boy in the house across the street, who was beaten to a pulp and has never recovered.  He is the Broken of the title.  Fantastic stuff, it’ll make you laugh, cry and hold your mouth open in disbelief.  Great reading.


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