The Potato Soup – as promised to Kevin

This belongs to Lois Daish – my fav NZ cook – and Judith Cullen, and Digby Law.  And I have lost the actual recipe so this is kinda how it goes.  It will work whatever you do.  No garlic necessary if you don’t want.

Put garlic on to roast – as much as you like.  she wants you to use two whole heads but – I mean – if you have to be with people this might be a little much.  Slice them across the top to expose the inside of each clove so that you can squeeze out the innards easily later.  Put them on a double thickness of foil, pull up the edges of the foil and sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and waer.  Seal them up and bung them in the oven fo about 30min when the smell is driving you wild with excitement.

Get out some spuds.  Peel them.  I don’t know how many spuds, figure this out for yourself.  Of course Agria are going to be fantastic, but whatever is lurking in the bottom of the cupboard will be fine.  More is better if you ask me cos then you can freeze some leftovers.  Cut them smallish bits, throw them in a pot with some bay leaves, you can never put in too many, grind some pepper over them and chuck in some salt – I’m Nigella’s kitchen bitch so I only use Malden but whatever. (Don’t I sound so posh).  Add some butter or olive oil and give them a wee sizzle around, do not brown them.  I do them till they are kinda getting mushy on the outside.  Stirring.

Cover the spuds with water, or chicken stock, or white wine and water or vegetarian stock or whatever, but water is fine.  Cook till tender.

When they are all slushy, cool them down and chuck in blender, (take out the bay leaves) or mash in the pot till they are soupy, throw in the garlic you squeeze from the cloves you roasted.  And you have soup.  Thin with a liquid from the list below.

Now:  add according to what you have available.  Some greens – I love watercress, baby spinach, leftover salad leaves – soft ones obviously.  You can chuck in some chunks of feta, some cream cheese, sour cream, cream, milk, because I am obsessed with pepper I put lots in, or just whatever you think.

This is truly the soup of my dreams.  I don’t know why it tastes so good but if you want to feel good about winter this is the soup to do it for you.


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