The Tomato Tart filling

Not tomato season yet, but every year I end up with  glut (great word) and the glut goes into my gut. Haha.  Anyway Lois Daish has this great recipe which I can’t find anymore but which I know off by heart.  It is a play it by ear kinda thing but is totally yum and is the thing I take to bookclub doos because everyone can eat it.  It is supposed to be a tart filling but tonight we had it over spagetti with olives and those little sausages flavoured with venison and red wine and it was pretty good.tomatoes

Throw a whole heap of tomatoes into a big pot, they should be chopped roughly.  You can play it by ear, the smallest amount I have cooked was 5 the largest about 10 so it’s your choice adjust all other additions to taste.  Into the pot throw, a couple of bay leaves, 1 desert spoon of sugar and 1 desert spoon of vinegar.  Put in some garlic, depending on your taste – for me it will always be a lot, sometimes I chop it sometimes I leave the cloves whole.  Put in a good grinding of pepper, some salt and put it onto simmer and walk away.  Yes walk away.

Go back after a while, kinda when you can smell gorgeous tomatoness in another room.  Taste it.  Usually I add more sugar at this point and some more vinegar.  You are after a nice thick consistance with a kinda sweet chutneyish taste but not really.  I cook this down till it is nice and thick and spreadable.

Use this lovely sloppiness as a tart filling for a blind baked tart, on spagetti, on rice, over potatoes.  It keeps in the freezer for winter meals and if you’ve cooked it long enough it tastes like summer.

You can add basil, rosemary, parsley, chopped cooked onions at the beginning, whatever you want.  If you have this in your freezer you will always have a meal for the vegans in your life.  Handy!

If I am making the tart I top it with feta or parmesan (no rennet for the vegans).


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