Mince and Potato easy dinner

We had this tonight and I thought, write it down while you remember it.  We have it relatively often when I have mince and can’t think of what to do with it other than with pasta or rice.  I think I made it up, but who knows!

Chop up onions and fry off with some garlic and a wee bit of oil.  Add mince (as much as you have, a small amount is really all you need) brown it and add some oregano or basil (or both) a slosh of red wine, and a small tub of tomato paste.  Let this simmer away and reduce down a bit, add water if it happens too quickly.

In the meantime wash and slice some spuds and pre-cook them in the microwave.  When they are not quite cooked, load them into a baking dish, like a high sided quiche dish, and spread them out, squirt them with oil, throw on some freshly ground pepper and chuck some salt at them. Take the mince mixture and put this onto the top but not quite to the edge of the potato.  Bake in the over at about 200 C until the spuds are cooked.  Serve with salad.  Yum and easy.


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