Rosa Graham Thomas (again)

I am the happy recipient of 2 Graham Thomas roses, they come from the very kind Helen and Russell who live across the road from Mum and Dad.  Wasn’t sure where to put them originally so they had a wee holiday in the wheelbarrow for a couple of days, but they are in now.

Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas

images-4 Graham Thomas grows really big so in my tiny garden, which is becoming totally crammed with roses, I mean really.  New ground is going to have to be broken, holes will be dug. And hell where will the vege garden go.  Maybe this weekend if I get enough study done the first of the potatos will hit the tires where they are going to be planted.  In other news Mitre 10 have vege seedlings on sale and given my low strike rate from seed last year I think it is going to be seedlings this year.

And where are my white muscari.  I have lovely strong green leaves and not a flower in sight.  This is what they should look like  over to the right.  For that matter where are my blue ones!   images-2


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