Sun-dried tomato pesto

This is Tessa’s fave.  So I’m putting it here so that she can find it and make it if she ever gets a food processor.  This stuff is useful for all manner of things from spreading on top of pizza, to putting in a sandwich to serving to your friends with crackers and brie.  Make it as runny as you want.  I like it thick and chunky, but different strokes for different folks.images-1

Throw into a food processor the following in whatever amounts work for you.  Adjust to fit and it will depend on how many sundried tomatoes you have, they are really expensive so play it by ear.

Sundried tomatoes and some of the oil they come with

Parmesan cheese grated finely

Walnuts (or almonds) but walnuts are better

olive oil

Press pulse and smush them up till they are the texture you want.  Thin down with oil (or not).

You can freeze this mixture.  It is great over pasta, with gnocci or on rice.  Best on crackers though!


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