Fever of the bone by Val McDermid

I have read almost every book Val McDermid has written.  She is reliable and readable.  I discovered her while lying by the pool in Hong Kong back in the day, when my kid’s swimming coach introduced me to her via The Wire in the Blood.  I was hooked and have patiently waited for every new book (not very patiently when she leaves a big cliff-hanger at the end of a book though) and bought most of them to keep on my shelves.images-3

The latest one is a doozy!  Loaned to me by for wonderful Senga.  Val has written a really gripping story that leaves the dreaded cliffhanger, not about the crime but about Carole and Tony her main characters.  Tony is a crime profiler and Carole is the D.I. who runs the team of police searching for the bad guy.  You come to know the team and follow their ups and downs as well as having the Carole and Tony storyline to keep you on tenterhooks as well.  Throw in nasty serial killers and poor sad victims and you have a bunch of very good books.  This particular book involves teenagers who are being preyed upon by someone stalking them on a social networking site called Rigmarole.  This is made up but fans have made a mock-up of the Rigmarole site and Val is communicating with her fans via this.

Here is the link to the Val McDermid site and this will take you to Rigmarole this is a Ning like a community who can all talk to each other and post stuff on the site.  It operates similar to Facebook but is for a special interest group. If you like a nice gritty murder you will love this and if you haven’t read any of the fabulous Val’s books – well why not?


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