The knife of never letting go by Patrick Ness

Imagine being able to hear the thoughts of everyone around you all the time.  You walk past a house and you can hear what the people inside are thinking! Welcome to the world of The knife of never letting go.

I’m delighted to see that this cool book is nominated for a silver Inky award.  This is the first book in the series and had me totally gripped from the first page.  Actually if I’m honest I had read so many online reviews of the book I just had to get hold of it.  It is doing the rounds with the boys at school at the moment and everyone who had read it is now desperately waiting for the next one.

It is set in Prentisstown, where there are no women, the young are bought up to believe that all the womenfolk were wiped out as the result of a disease that attacked them, Todd is the last boy, the youngest, bought up on the outskirts of town by two men, friends of his dead mother, entrusted with his care.  Todd is about to become a man, and when that happens he will be initiated into the ways of men and the secrets he wonders about will be shared with him.  This town is full of secrets, but in this place every thought you think can be heard, you can hear the thoughts of animals even of plants.  The thoughts of the people, often overrun by each others thoughts run all through the book, and are printed in such a way as you can graphically see them overrunning each other, layer upon layer.

Through a series of events Todd is on the run, he has met a girl called Viola and they must escape and save themselves.  They are accompanied by Todd’s not very bright but very loyal dog Mantee.  The action is full on, and this is a dark book.  It doesn’t read as science fiction but is.  If you have loved the Hunger Games you will love this one.  It is good, fast and leaves you hanging out for the next one.


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