The Topp Twins

movie_front_mediumTonight folks, I will be at the Regent Theatre along with the rest of the lesbian poplulation of Dunedin, and indeed a whole bunch of staight ladies and gentlemen to see The Topp Twins. Woot to that we say!

It will be fun, funny and frolicky and I can’t wait.  My ticket is an early birthday pressie which is pretty damn cool.  I have always wanted to learn to yodel, mostly cos I really in my heart always wanted to be a Topp Twin, sadly I’m a shy and retiring kind of a girl and the stage – and singing in public was not for me.  Sigh.  Looking forward to a night of lots of audience interraction and ridicule.  Last time I saw them was with my lovely sister at the Blossom Festival a long time ago, and woman o woman did we have fun!  So I imaging tonight will be a similar hoot.


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