Veges galore

Chives gone madSpuds and artichokesI am experimenting with growing potatoes in tyres.  This is batch number 1.  Batch number 2 will get planted tomorrow.  The heat generated in the compost within and the black rubber of the tyres is supposed to accelerate the growing and so if this turns out to be true there will be new potatoes for Xmas at the beginning of Advent!  Hmm.  I doubt it but anyway it is worth a try.

The tyres came for free from a tyre place, and the compost is grow your own and cheap stuff from the warehouse mixed with blood and bone (my fave).  At the moment in the garden there are.  Mustard greens (they will not make the cut next year) Corn Salad (fantastic stuff) various lettuces, tomatoes, zucchini x 2, and assorted others.  I await developments with interest.


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