Twitter go on you know you want to

I’ve been thinking about Twitter.  It is an interesting experience.  I believe that because of Twitter the school blog has reached over 3000 hits, I’m certain that most of the overseas hits – and they are almost all overseas hits – come because I follow library luminaries who then follow me.   I wonder if the same would happen if I put this blog on my profile?

Twitter has exposed me to more interesting sites than I would have found by myself, even using a tool like Stumble Upon or something like that, even visiting all the links that I find on the close to 20 blogs that feed into my reader or igoogle, the constant supply of great links is just fantastic.  It makes me cleverer, it makes me more connected to people I admire and therefore follow.  I don’t check it every day, I get bombarded with information and even a geek like me can have enough but if I leave it for a while I go back in and my eyes get all wide with excitement.

Another development is that people are finding and following me, whereas at the beginning it was the opposite way around.  That’s cool!  I like it!  Want to join in the fun?  I’m Bridgy_s


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