Bub Bridger has died at 85

Bub Bridger was wonderful.  She died at the age of 85 on the West Coast.  Her lovely style and humour was just great.

Her books Wild Daisies and Up here on the hill are full of such great, simple and lovely poems.  She manages to say things without masking them with the mystery that other poets get all wound up in.  Just simple gorgeous words from the heart.

Confession by Bub Bridger
I’m a little in love with you
To cause you embarrassment
Or concern
Just a warm
Skip of the heart
When I see you from
My bus
At your stop

I catch your eye
And give you a wave
And I note
That you are more beautiful
Now than you ever were
And I am a keen
Observer of beauty
Whether it’s sunsets
Or music
Or the Mona Lisa
Or birds flying
Or green growing things
Or you

How does it feel
My young Adonis, to be
Held in such regard
By an elderly lady
On the 24 Express?
Don’t knock it
Because it really is
A rare compliment
And you
Only have to respond
With your wide smile
Which is a small price
To pay
For allowing me my glimpse
Of what it used to be
All those years ago
When I was seventeen
And beautiful young men
By the dozen.


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