Six suspects by Vikas Swarup

This book has been driving me crazy.  It was my hit list for this year and I couldn’t wait to read it so when Phil loaned it to me I was mightily excited.  Great start, an investigative journalist decides he will right the wrong he perceives to be done by a high rolling criminal with political connections who has recently been murdered but not before ruining the lives of lots of people who came into contact with him.  So six suspets have been arested and the ambitious plot of this book attempts to examine their lives and their motives for why they have been found with guns at the place where the notorious Vicky Rai has been killed.

All good so far, but because the book is told in so many styles, by so many characters all with lots more people in their lives this is not a straight forward book by any measure.

I skipped bits, I got a bit lost in all the characters even though I actually enjoyed large hunks of the book I just really got a bit over it.  I did finish it, even though other books were calling me.  Read it for the challenge.  Read it to see where the author went after the wonderful Q and A which became the movie Slumdog millionaire.  Despite kind of damning this book with faint praise, I think it is an interesting read, and I will certainly read the next book.


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