Month: January 2010

Bubblewrap is 50 years old this week!

Why should you care.  Well you should care.  I work in a library bubblewrap is my buddy and my

friend, books to wrap up and send back to publishers and booksellers.  And of course bubblewrap is the Trade me traders friend as well.  My secret love is popping the bubbles.  Try the link below for a very fun virtual popping time.

Want to ask a world leader a question?

Maybe you have a burning issue, maybe you want answers from someone on high, maybe you don’t want to mess with the middle men you want to go straight to the top.  Here is you chance.  Ask your burning question.  Watch the video and learn how.  I’m working on mine right now…

Nation by Terry Pratchett

I loved this book from the first line on the first page.  Terry Pratchett is not always my cup of tea but this particular one is a winner.  A boy, Mau, has been sent out to an off shore island in order to learn to be a man by himself. As he sets out on his journey back to the main island there is a massive tidal wave which he survives but he arrives home to find utter devastation and no other survivors from his people, however a ship has been carried ashore and a young English girl survives.  This is their story.  They have to survive, they have to get along and they have to teach each other skills.  A great book about overcoming difficulty, how different religions are fundamentally the same, how myths can come from realities and all told with fantastic humour and cleverness.

The book has some great lines in in.  One of my faves is “… That’s the one I’m going to bring said the ghost girl, ‘and to save time, shall we pretend we’ve had the argument and I won?.”  Cute – tried this on my beloved one but she was not going to fall for that!

I read this book as a book for young adults but I really think that anybody of any age would love it.  Highly highly recommended.

Body Double by Tess Gerritsen

This is a great little book.  Has a different feel to some of her more recent books and this particular one is a novel that was written in the 90s and has been updated and re-published.  It will appeal to lovers of fast moving forensic crime.  I like her so much more than Patricia Cornwell.  She has a couple of websites but this is the link to the U.K. one.  There is gruesome crime always solved by the medical examiner and her trusty sidekick cops.  There is a bit of romance (quite soppy in this compared to later ones) and plenty of bombs, dodgy guys and so on.  Read it I reccon!

Inside your search

This post is courtesy of the wonderful Miriam!

The mighty Google finally reveals the secret of it’s success.  Well of course it is a librarian.  Who else would you go to with a query?  There are some cool searches you can do to make her jump!  Try searching for Weetabix, or Do a trick, or weather in London.

Garden update

Proud moment time!  This delphinium (on the right) is making me look good at the moment.  What a beauty it is.  It is quite lilac at first but has faded to pink.  The winds we are having at the moment mean it won’t look this good for long so thought I’d get a picture of it while it still looked lovely.

Also on the right is the final paeony of the summer.  These gorgeous things are so cool when they are out but it’s a short burst and then you are left with masses of green leaves while they gather strength for next year.  This one is lovely with lots of golden stamens inside the cupped flower.  Hopefully next year there will be more than just the one flower on it!

Photos of the roses coming soon.  This probably isn’t even remotely interesting for anybody else but majorly interesting for me.