Nation by Terry Pratchett

I loved this book from the first line on the first page.  Terry Pratchett is not always my cup of tea but this particular one is a winner.  A boy, Mau, has been sent out to an off shore island in order to learn to be a man by himself. As he sets out on his journey back to the main island there is a massive tidal wave which he survives but he arrives home to find utter devastation and no other survivors from his people, however a ship has been carried ashore and a young English girl survives.  This is their story.  They have to survive, they have to get along and they have to teach each other skills.  A great book about overcoming difficulty, how different religions are fundamentally the same, how myths can come from realities and all told with fantastic humour and cleverness.

The book has some great lines in in.  One of my faves is “… That’s the one I’m going to bring said the ghost girl, ‘and to save time, shall we pretend we’ve had the argument and I won?.”  Cute – tried this on my beloved one but she was not going to fall for that!

I read this book as a book for young adults but I really think that anybody of any age would love it.  Highly highly recommended.


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