My Mum’s Tomato and Rice Bake

Over the years I have made thousands of these.  When I go home to Alex this is what Mum makes for me cos she knows what I like, and even though hers is almost the same as mine it always tastes better from her oven.  This is great for vegetarians with a salad and crusty bread (and if they are extreme vegos you can get vegetarian cheese). This makes quite a lot.  Adjust as required.


Add a chopped onion (and a couple of bay leaves if you want to) to 3 cups of rice while you are cooking it.  When it is cooked spread half of it out in a sprayed shallow casserole dish.  Over the top of the rice spread lots of lusciously ripe tomatoes, spread out the rest of the rice on top of this then sprinkle lashings of strong flavoured cheese and parmesan mixed together.  Grind some sea salt, or in an ideal world Malden Sea Salt, and freshly ground pepper over the top, be generous.  Bake until the top is golden in an oven at about 180 degrees.  It should smell fantastic at this point.

Serve with salad, bread, sausages or bacon.  It is even yummier the next day, great for lunches and you can add spinach and even use tomato sauce in the middle, but the original is actually the best. I will post a photo when tonight’s one is out of the oven.


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