The summer garden

Archway with compassion and regal lily

Yellow asiatics and delphiniums

My garden peaks during mid January.  This year I was swanning around the North Island in mid January, having myself a gorgeous time with my partner and visiting friends all over the place, and going to places I had never been before.  I know, it is a tragedy, I’ve traveled the world, lived overseas in exotic locations for years and never seen the North Island (well north of Paraparaumu and that was when I was 8!) apart from Auckland and Wellington when I go to meetings and conferences or leave the country.  Anyway, I was away for 12 days, and Megan (the middle baby) was chief executive in charge of feeding Raisin and deadheading roses and watering the veges.  She did well!

When I arrived home it was all a bit overblown but still there were treasures to be found.  One of the best things was that my Xmas lilies were so slow to flower that I got home in time to enjoy them.  It was very cool and quite damp here this summer so things became very long and leggy and have been a bit slow to flower.  My bergamot is as tall as the fence which is ridiculous!

Claude Monet and pink daisy

Also in flower was this gorgeous rose, Claude Monet.  It is a lemon yellow with a pink stripe.  I’ve a bit of a thing about stripey roses and am quietly collecting them.  I have Claude, Ferdinand Pichard and Scentisima so far, I’d love Rosa Mundi but missed the rose sale this year.  My garden is getting rather full now with only one major area at the front left to plant and it is currently full of potatoes which are about ready to harvest.  If only my capsicum was doing as well as the spuds – never mind.

Things have changed considerably since these photos were taken. Claude is having a rest before working on an autumn flush, William Lobb a gorgeous thing is pretty much done for the summer and Tess, which I didn’t think would survive has produced some gorgeous blooms.  Now is the time of the dahlias though and you can look forward to seeing some pics of them soon, I’m a bit delighted with how they are doing this year.


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