The girl who played with fire by Stieg Larsson

The second book in the Millennium series.  I declare right here that I haven’t read the first one, The girl with the dragon tattoo, but I saw the movie, see the post below, and was assured that the second book picks up the story pretty much from where the movie ends.  It is a seamless flow, well done to the movie makers for putting almost all of the first book in the movie.  The character of Lisbet Salander is very cool, she kicks butt, she has a well defined set of morals even if the code is somewhat different from what would be considered the norm.  This book has mountains of action, it keeps the pace fast and even though there are multiple characters with hard to remember names (which can seem rather similar at times) you don’t get lost.  It is fantastic.  No 3 in the series is waiting for me and as soon as I’ve had a wee break from Sweden for a couple of weeks I will get right into it.  Can’t wait.  Below is the trailer for the book series from the Australian publishers. Here is the link to Stieg Larsson’s website.  As most people probably know he wrote all three books, presented them to his publisher and then tragically died.  What a loss, these thrillers are intelligent, clever, and very controversial.  There has been debate in my local library world about whether they should be in the school library given the violence and drama, but as I sit here there is much worse than what these books contain happening on my television right now, so they will be in our library.  It would be a shame to deny the clever readers the opportunity to read these beautifully written books.



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