The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

What a brilliant read this book is!  A gorgeously rich gothic novel with layer upon layer of story.  I was hooked from the first page.  Margaret is a bookshop owner whose life has been totally changed by the discovery that she was a twin, and that her other twin died in order that she survived.  She has written a book and has therefore been engaged to write the memoir of a famous writer Vita Winter who is one of the world’s most popular authors.  She heads off to the remote home of the writer and becomes totally engrossed in the stories that she is told of the writers life.  As she peels back the layers and finds out the truths of this woman’s mysterious life, she discovers all kinds of things about herself.

The book has lots of Jane Eyre themes running through it, the novel is mentioned quite a lot during the course of the story as parallels are drawn between Margaret’s discoveries and the story of Jane.  So, if you like dark gothic novels that keep you up late at night with fantastic writing then just read this book and if you liked books like Rebecca by Daphnie du Murier this will be just your cup of tea, or perhaps a baileys on a cold night.  Loved it.


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