Raisin the wondercat

I thought it time that the lovely Raisin made an appearance.

Mr Raisin

Raisin's Natural habitat

Full Name:  Raisin Aitchison-Schaumann

Age: 8 human years

Address:  The same as my feed-person

Married to: Tessa (really!)

Hobbies and Interests:  Lying – on beds, compost bins, paths, bbqs.  Eating, tormenting the two dogs who live next door, endeavoring to access the feed-persons bed during the night to get the warmest bit. Purring for no apparent reason. Watching compost insects for hours.  Meeting the feed-persons car when she comes home from work with very loud raucous miaowing.  Having cat friends over via the catflap which Raisin can’t use but which other cats are really good at using, then letting those friends squirt around the house and eat Raisin food.  Partial to hair licking. particularly partial to people who use certain hair products, one of the less attractive habits.

Something interesting about Raisin:  Born to abandoned solo mum in a coalbox in Alexandra.

Something else interesting:  My siblings or past siblings  names all start with an R. Rupert, Rover, Ruby and the sadly deceased Roxy (identical twin).

Testimonial:  Raisin is beloved by all from his household.  He loves it when there are feed-persons daughters home so that he received the attention that he knows he deserves.  He is in a long distance relationship with his wife and is not totally committed to her because he believes that Megan is of equal importance.  Nick is reluctant to express his true feelings for Raisin in a public forum (but we all know the true depth of his affection).  Raisin is a cat of good character despite several bad habits and is loyal and loving.


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