Toilet paper origami and other delights

The blog, Judge a book by it’s cover has this wonderful post today.  Not happy with just indicating the delights of origami to keep oneself amused in the loo, our attention has been drawn to the towel as an object de art!

Judge a book by it's cover presents

Here is one of the photos but do head on over to the blog to enjoy the fabulous delights that the towel can bring.  Check it out.  I have been falling over laughing since I looked and can barely type for my fingers wanting to insert lots of LOLs!

You can find many other very earthly delights on that blog and it is, frankly, amazing that some of these covers manage to slip into the system.  There are however, simply staggering numbers of books published, and indeed purchased in a year and I suppose not all can be thoroughly checked.  Can they?  If the editing standards of many of our NZ books, some of which are being nominated for awards despite the editors being asleep, and I could mention two prolific authors in our local market who seem to have editor avoidance, and despite that are nominated in the NZ post awards this year.  I am refusing to buy these books for my library, my boys deserve to read English that has been edited properly.  (They aren’t allowed to read my blog haha.)  This is the do as I say rather than as I do blog.  Rant over now.  Carry on.


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