This is courtesy of boingboing

“Yelp is Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg’s new short film that provides a glimpse at their work-in-progress, a feature documentary called Connected  about “what it means to be human in the 21st century.”

This is really interesting, and made me wonder if I could actually spend 24 hours without Facebook, email, and so on.  And actually I did this weekend.  But I was pretty keen to go online when I got home.  It is my first reaction these days to turn on my computer and check my facebook page when I get home, which is very sad as often nobody has commented anything on there and I am frankly not much interested in many of the things that flow through on my feeds, and as for Twitter, I am only using it for professional stuff anyway and can certainly have a break from that for any amount of time and although there will be dozens of links posted in there I will probably only look at about 20% of them.

The time taken up with my online life is certainly meaning that other things drop off.  This is bad, my house is grimy, my reading life is suffering and I need to get control.  So, I am going to back on track and get my reading the classics programme up and running again.  A quick squiz through my bookshelf this afternoon, and I have discovered a huge number of unread tomes to get started on.  – After I check my facebook page hahahaha!


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