Dahlia Time

Kelvin Floodlight (maybe)

I have been totally neglectful of my garden for about 2 months.  The lawns are long, the weeds are long and the clematis is so long it is choking the roses.  I have a spectacular pumpkin completely overtaking the potato patch and climbing up the roses along the fenceline.  This is not good, but I do have spectacular dahalias at the moment.  Here are some of them.  The huge yellow one is Kelvin Floodlight.  Well I think it is, Dad has grown this dahlia for years and the flowers are as big as a large dinnerplate  but my lovely sister is convinced that this is an interloper and that Kelvin Floodlight looks different.  Well I dunno but in the meantime it is pretty spectacular.  I think the orange one came from the very same lovely sister but we don’t know what it is called.  Anyone out there know?  Both of these have really strong stems which for really large dahlias is great often they need their flowers held up with support so that they don’t flop all over the place. 

The large maroon one here, it isn’t that great a photo to be honest, is called Midnight.  The first blooms are quite big but they shrink in size ad the season goes along.  I really like it, it looks great picked and in a vase with some white roses – Margaret Merril for preference if you ask me, mostly because she just smells so good but my Margaret hasn’t been great this year so I have been picking Elina to put with this one.

People have commented a lot that it has been a really bad season for Daliah’s here but for me it has been one of the best, even some of the ones that hadn’t been great and were being threatened with the fork have done well.


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