Golden Sausages

Oh the pain!  This is not my fave!  I never make this anymore, but when the cherubs were little and cute and fluffy wee things I used to make this all the time.  It came from my Mum originally and I probably also liked it when I was a kid, but I’m blanking that.  It is easy and one of those really good, feed many for nearly no money recipes!  I guess my tastes have changed over the years.  Anyway, I have had a request from one of the cherubs, and, given that this blog was supposed to be for sharing the family recipes I better put it on.

500g sausages, 1 onion – chopped, 2tblsp of Boss or L&P’s sauce (or other black sauce), 2tblsp flour, 1tblsp of brown sugar, 1 tblsp of tomato sauce (Watties) 1 tblsp of vinegar, 2 cups of boiling water.

Boil the sausages, cool and skin.  Place in a casserole dish with the sliced onion.  Mix dry ingredients and mix with boiling water and the sauces.  Pour the liquid over the sausages and bake in a slow oven for an hour.  Serve with mashed potato and other traditional style veges.



  1. Oh, me too. ‘cept we say “I’m not a fan of that sausage dish” LOL! Ian is all nostalgic now for something his mum used to make, sounds just like your recipe. When I was a kid we used to have this sausage curry far too often, made with curry powder (sadly not the holy trinity of curry spices – chile, garlic & ginger!). Always very weirdly yellowy/green, with raisins. The best sausage, in my opinion, is a burnt sausage in a piece of bread, with burnt onions, Watties tom sauce and American mustard.

  2. OMG – we had it too, except ours was called ’18 saucy sausages’, and it had Worcestershire sauce as an important ingredient, as well as grated carrot. I’ll be making it for our boy this winter!

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