Sweet Peas – perfect plants

Sweet PeasFence covered in sweet peasWhen you walk past a fence which is adorned with sweet peas, and has been in the sun for a while the perfume is just divine.  It smells like summer, it smells like old fashioned gardens and old ladies and the colours are riotous, the perfect plant really.

I’ve never understood why you can’t buy a perfume that has the essence of sweet pea infused into it.  I’d buy it!  I adore Sweet Peas for me they have no negatives at all, everything about them is relaxed, easy, and perfect for the sort of gardener I am.  They pop up when you haven’t planted them, in the middle of nowhere, they come in different heights, they will grow almost anywhere with something to lean on and twine through and they don’t need spraying or nurturing or have any special needy characteristics.  Chuck em in the ground and wait for them to produce smelly, colourful and pick-able yumminess.  I think I will grow them for all my days.  I grew two types this year but the only label I can find is Bijou.  There are some modern varieties which I grew once but they had little or no smell, you want the scent then grow old fashioned ones.


One comment

  1. Indeed. They are the most wonderful flowers. I grow tonnes of them each year. And, the scent of sweet peas has never been successfully replicated in a chemical lab for a perfume bottle, something so delicate and elusive is really even more special!

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