Jules Lund’s photographic adventure

Look how pretty it is down here Dunedin way.  This came to me via DunedinNZ’s Facebook page, and I am impressed.  Actually because of them I won tickets to Wuthering Heights on Saturday night but more on that later.  Sometimes when you live in Dunedin you forget how marvellous it is.  Luckily we import people from overseas to show us, including my friend Adrienne from the fantastic blog on the sidebar here, Dunedin Is For Lovers.  I love this clip, just look at the gorgeousness of it all, and notice that the new sculpture polluting our shoreline isn’t mentioned in here.  Oh yes I know some like it, there really is not accounting for taste, but Dunedin and her surrounds are pretty danm pretty and we have some great places to go see which are really close to town and won’t kill you to get there.  I probably need to rule out Sandfly Bay here as the trip out will actually come close to killing you.  Anyway check out this video.

UPDATE:  The video has been removed from YouTube.  That’s a bit sad.


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