A Single Man

Colin Firth is marvelous in this film, even if you only ever thought of him as a romantic comedy guy this film will make you see that he is indeed, a real actor.  The opening scene of a man in a suit walking very assuredly toward a man who has obviously been thrown from a car and killed, and lying down in the cold snow beside the body is totally spare and moving.  The film is the story of George Falconer, a professor of English,  whose partner has been killed and who can’t face life without him.  He has given up hope and has decided to kill himself.  His dear friend played by Julianne Moore is a drunken expat Brit who has that tired air about her.  She drinks all night and sleeps all day and bemoans her life.  These two depend on each other.  The whole movie is sad and there is an air of anger about it.  The absolutely best moments are when George lectures his students on the subject of fear.

Tom Ford has made a movie which is beautiful and arty to look at, but at the same time very accessible and not self indulgent.  Excellent, I look forward to his next movie.


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