Fusion Restaurant and Coffee Bar

Do you like Lebanese food?  Want to try something new!  Then I highly recommend heading along George Street, Dunedin to the gorgeous setting of Fusion.  Not only is the food spectacularly yummy, filling and moreish, the decor is so styly, the staff so nice and friendly and best of all there are seats to be had on a Saturday night.

We ordered a mezze platter which was enormous – I mean enormous, and then we each ordered chicken kebabs which came with lovely flatbread, salad, tiny cubed roasted potatoes which tasted of cinnamon and spices, hummus with garlic sauce in the middle of it.  There was so much food, and it was so delicious.  We had to take doggy bags home with us which was enough for two people’s lunch.  Best of all is the long cool drinks.  I will be back very soon for a drink and a mezze platter to share, I highly recommend the minty lemonade, divine.

I feel I need to mention the decor more fully.  The room is totally white, except for the lovely richly patterned wallpaper near the bar, there are transparent chairs and ruby red chairs with thick acrylic white tables.  Along one wall is a wide bench with round bolster cushions in colours of turquoise, ruby red and gold.  Seriously this is style central.

Arabic Coffee - yum!

We have one of those voucher books, they cost $50 and have vouchers for all manner of things from movies, to funparks in Australia.  We think the trick is to get your money back quick so that then anything you get after that is a bonus.  So we saved $25 on Friday night and are now officially half way there.  Without the voucher book we would never have known about Fusion, or certainly not have gone for dinner there, and now we intend to try heaps of the other places.

So, all in all I have a new fave place to go.  I recommend you try it out too if you are in Sunny Dunedin.

It is just opposite Knox Church on George Street, and you can phone them to make  a booking on 03-477 7796

Photo from Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yosoynuts/3281338673/

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