That ‘bed-making’ advertisement (version #2)

(With thanks to Bob for the heads up)

I’m in love with a tv commercial.  I know, it’s pathetic, I feel patheticness oozziinngg out of my pores.  You know, the ad with the beds, the new one, with all the housemaids making the beds, it is for a company called Expedia – a cruise around YouTube indicates that they do a lot of very cool commercials.

Want to watch the ad to see what I mean well here is the link.

It isn’t really the ad in itself that is in my brain, rather the music.  The music is so lush and gorgeous and comes from Elliot Wheeler and singer who is not  Melanie Horsnell, as I originally thought it was, and indeed who is on the clip below, but Caitlin Park and crikey is Caitlin lovely to listen to, clip also inserted below now.  If you go to her Myspace page listen to So Annie, it’s just perfect!  If you like the Be Good Tanyas you should listen to this.

The song has been in my mind going on a loop since the first time I saw it, and I just had to mount an investigation to find out what it was.  So, the song turns out to be called ‘Tend To Me’ (and that alone is enough to have me in a mushy heap) but seriously, isn’t that just lovely, a drippingly romantic title I think. So, this is the story with the bed-making ad.  Here is Caitlin Park.

Re: Elliot and Melanie have made a grand cd collaboration called Forever Thursday some of which can be downloaded from iTunes. (I will investigate that fully later when I clear a space on my ipod – 3 gig is not enough I have discovered.)

Here are Forever Thursday.



  1. hi there, I know the singer for the ‘Tend to Me’ track, and it was written by Elliott Wheeler, but the singer is Caitlin Park.

    1. Oh Bob thanks so much! Will immediately correct. This means someone commented incorrectly on the YouTube clip. She has a totally gorgeous voice. Thanks again. Bridget

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