The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

This book is told from the point of view of a dog called Enzo.  Enzo tells the story of his life which is also the story of the life of his family, and it is told from the end of this life.  Beginning at the time he is picked up from the rural property he comes from through to his last day this is all from the point of view of someone who is about as tall as your thigh.  Enzo is wise, he sees the things the adults can’t see, he feels everyones pain even if he doesn’t always understand why people act so stupidly and treat each other so badly.

Enzo is reflecting on his life knowing he is about to die.  Enzo is his master Denny’s dog at heart and he has felt Denny’s trials and tribulations and knows his dreams.  Denny wants to race cars professionally and Enzo and Denny watch endless races together on video and he watches television while he is at home during the day, then Denny gets a family and life happens to them all.

This book is sad, funny, heart warming and wonderful.  I just loaned it to a friend and she has recommended it to another.  It is one of ‘those’ books.  I thought about it a lot when I had finished it, it is a book that stays with you.  Lovely stuff.  I want more from Garth Stein.

Watch the book trailer here


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