Girls in short short skirts, boys in skirts too!

For a good time in Dunedin people flock, yes flock I say, to the netball.  There must have been a thousand people there and most of these are regulars who go every time there is a game on.  Our team The Southern Sting, played tonight in the Edgar Stadium and whipped the opposition, who I think were called the Melbourne Vixen, someone will tell me if I am wrong.  Sorry the score was written in numbers and I don’t remember numbers but we won by a lot.   It was a great way to spend an evening and even though I am not an avid follower of the netball in general, it is excellent to go to a game.  There are lots of reasons to go:

  • It was a free night out, my lovely partner won tickets.
  • It is really really warm in the Edgar Centre which is lovely if you are a Dunedinite
  • There is much fun to be had looking at the crowd with their very loud and in my case rapidly deflating ‘thundersticks’.  Is it true that they re-use them?  Surely not?
  • The game is quite good to watch, great skills and fast moving.  Grown women being violent against each other in the context of sport has a certain charm.  The combination of short short skirts, and sheer athleticism is rather good.  Those women fly through the air and occasionally get really badly hurt, and this is a non-contact sport!

The half time entertainment was the Selwyn Ballet, a Dunedin tradition.  First year university students from Selwyn Residential Hall are trained up each year to perform in the Capping Show and tonight they also performed at the netball.  They were fabulous.

Southern Sting warm up

Here are the netball players warming up for the second half and the Selwyn boys working their magic on the crowd.  (I see my poor old camera’s shortcomings in these photos!)

Selwyn Ballet


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