Month: June 2010

Clark and Dawe on the oil spill

Courtesy of @jransom on Twitter this little gem.

John Clark and Brian Dawe solve the problem of the oil spill.


A flashmob in Dunedin

I was away in Christchurch all weekend attending a meeting.  While I was being noble for the School Library Association, Dunedin was having a GOOD time.  The final rugby match ever at Carrisbrook took place, All Blacks against Wales, I would have gone had I been here – and I am no rugby fan believe me!  It was party hard time in Dunedin.  My mum and the team came through from Central Otago to watch it, Nick’s friend even came over from Australia for it.  It was a big deal.

In the meantime in town at the Meridian Mall there was this thing going on, a flashmob happened.  It becomes clear at the end of the video that it is being performed by or sponsored by the new Forsyth Barr Stadium which will be the ‘new Carisbrook’.  I am not a believer in this.  I am anti-stadium through and through, have a million reasons for it but I’m not going to air them here.  I do think it funny that the Dunedin attitude to the new stadium is quite negative in some pockets of the population, and they have to try and whip people up with some activities to get a good attitude going on.  So here is the YouTube clip of the Flashmob.

Changes in my wake up call

If you have looked at this blog from the way back when, you will know of my penchant for the lovely Sean Plunket.  He and Geoff Robinson are my morning chorus, the light that leads me into the day.  You will know how I hated people being unkind to his sensitive personage, and how I promoted ‘his’ blog Sean does craft.  The blog is not being updated but the last posting had me rolling in the aisles  of my lounge (I remain unconvinced that the blogger is actually Sean himself but I’m sure he would have approved).

Today the sad news that Sean is leaving Radio New Zealand.  I had to pull over and have a small moment of silence when I heard the news driving home from work.  Story here.  The Save Radio New Zealand Facebook page is full  of wailing and moaning about this terrible news.   I’ve even had to contribute my thoughts twice.  He leaves in September for places as yet unnamed and while I wish him every happiness in future endeavors I will miss him.  He and Geoff have been my regular mates of the morning.  They take on the forces of politics and grill them until well done with the truth extracted.  Oh yes he can be acerbic, he can keep be aggressive and I’ve heard that interview that got him stood down for a wee bit, but he makes me smile, his creative use of English is always entertaining and who am I to cast nasturtiums on that anyway.  I like his sharp wit and wicked tongue.

Sean in these months leading to the time of our separation I will try to come to terms with this impending doom and hope that you go somewhere I can find you without having to listen to advertising.  If you want to go and be with Marcus (Lush) that would be okay.

Theresa Anderson – n i c e music

Theresa Anderson is new to me, and she is just the kind of music I like.  Check out her website for some gorgeous cruisey music, the sort you play late at night when you are chillaxing or best of all when you are driving somewhere a fair distance away and you can sing really loud in the car (see also Natalie Merchant).  Anyway I really like this, have a wee listen and maybe you will too!

One thing I love is that on the website you get a lovely big chunk of song.  Off to iTunes to see if they have her there.  Listen to Innan Du Gar on the  website.  Here she is doing Oh Mary.

Dan Rhodes, you write great books!

When you have toddled off to the Pubic Library twice in a week to get the only two Dan Rhodes books they have, you know you are feeding a new obsession.  Not as fattening as my usual obsessions but just as distracting.

I read the fabulous book Gold by Dan Rhodes last weekend and totally fell for Miyuki the main character who is off on her annual holiday all on her lonesome as usual.  Visiting the same cottage, at the same time, doing the same things she always does.  This is a book about being alone and being part of something despite that aloofness, Miyuki walks for miles and then rewards herself with beers at the pub, and junk food for dinner, it’s a simple life until she makes an impulsive move one day.  Gold is funny and sad and very beautifully written with a light touch that draws you in and makes you read the thing almost in one hit – well that was my experience.

Then on to The Little White Car also by Dan Rhodes, writing as Danuta de Rhodes.  This is a groovy little story about a French girl who has borrowed her parents car, her crumbling relationship and her quest for happiness in the face of a terrible problem. How do you dispose of a car with which you must not be seen to be associated and without drawing anybody’s attention to the fact that you are getting rid of it.  It’s great.  Light and fluffy and romantic but with a razor sharp wit.

Quince Cup Cakes

I have a Quince Paste glut.  I made rather a lot at the beginning of Autumn and now I either have to find new ways to use it of have endless people around for cheese and quince paste parties – not a bad option really.  So, I trawled the internet and found a bunch of recipes that look quite good.  Today’s one was Quince Cup Cakes.  They are excellent.  Buttery, quincy syrupy goodness.

Preheat oven to 180C.  Cream 125g bugger and 1/2 a cup of caster sugar.  Beat in 2 large eggs, 1 tsp vanilla and the zest of 1 lemon.  Fold in 1 1/4 cups of sieved flour, 1 tsp baking powder and 2 tblspns milk.  Divide half the mixture among 12 paper cases placed in a muffin tin.  To with little squares of quince paste and cover with more cake mixture.  Bake for 12 – 15 minutes until golden brown.  Cool then ice with 1 tblsp of quince paste melted with the juice of a lemon and a tiny bit of butter and add enough icing sugar until it is a good spreadable consistency.

What really happened to the dinosaurs

This is the cutest little movie, show your kids, they’ll love it.  By Canadian Munro Fergusson it is called How Dinosaurs Learned To Fly.  It is one of quite a few available from the National Film Board of Canada, there are others that are really worth watching too.  Go check them out at the animated ones are here.  The one about the girl who hated books is really good too.

Sorry the embed code for this isn’t working.  Click here for the video.