Compassion struggles on despite the odds

My poor neglected garden – buried under a coat of leaves collected from school.  The kindly groundsman delivered me two brim full to the top of the cage, trailer loads of already partly decomposing leaves.  They have been spread on to the garden beds, I’m hoping they will do the job of peastraw.  They must be breaking down as the lovely Raisin cat is making beds in them all over the place seeking warmth, as indeed here in Dunedin everyone is this weekend.  I haven’t quite gotten to the autumn clean up yet but I’m hoping the leaves will suppress some of the weeds until I get to getting it sorted.

In the meantime Compassion and a couple of other lovelies continue to bloom on despite the miserable weather.  this old rose is about the same age as my house.  She was probably planted when the house was built as her stems are old and gnarly.  Last year I was complaining to a professional gardener about her lack of good fresh growing stems and he suggested I take to her with a wire brush.  Well, it is amazing.  She has sprouted all new growth from her base and although the season for roses was terrible last summer she has started to look really healthy.  I don’t expect many more blooms on her but she is always surprising.  Her scent is just delicious.


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