Dan Rhodes, you write great books!

When you have toddled off to the Pubic Library twice in a week to get the only two Dan Rhodes books they have, you know you are feeding a new obsession.  Not as fattening as my usual obsessions but just as distracting.

I read the fabulous book Gold by Dan Rhodes last weekend and totally fell for Miyuki the main character who is off on her annual holiday all on her lonesome as usual.  Visiting the same cottage, at the same time, doing the same things she always does.  This is a book about being alone and being part of something despite that aloofness, Miyuki walks for miles and then rewards herself with beers at the pub, and junk food for dinner, it’s a simple life until she makes an impulsive move one day.  Gold is funny and sad and very beautifully written with a light touch that draws you in and makes you read the thing almost in one hit – well that was my experience.

Then on to The Little White Car also by Dan Rhodes, writing as Danuta de Rhodes.  This is a groovy little story about a French girl who has borrowed her parents car, her crumbling relationship and her quest for happiness in the face of a terrible problem. How do you dispose of a car with which you must not be seen to be associated and without drawing anybody’s attention to the fact that you are getting rid of it.  It’s great.  Light and fluffy and romantic but with a razor sharp wit.



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