A flashmob in Dunedin

I was away in Christchurch all weekend attending a meeting.  While I was being noble for the School Library Association, Dunedin was having a GOOD time.  The final rugby match ever at Carrisbrook took place, All Blacks against Wales, I would have gone had I been here – and I am no rugby fan believe me!  It was party hard time in Dunedin.  My mum and the team came through from Central Otago to watch it, Nick’s friend even came over from Australia for it.  It was a big deal.

In the meantime in town at the Meridian Mall there was this thing going on, a flashmob happened.  It becomes clear at the end of the video that it is being performed by or sponsored by the new Forsyth Barr Stadium which will be the ‘new Carisbrook’.  I am not a believer in this.  I am anti-stadium through and through, have a million reasons for it but I’m not going to air them here.  I do think it funny that the Dunedin attitude to the new stadium is quite negative in some pockets of the population, and they have to try and whip people up with some activities to get a good attitude going on.  So here is the YouTube clip of the Flashmob.


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