Skim by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki

During the holidays I had a bit of a thing with some graphic novels.  I’ve always liked them but I find them really slow to read.  I have to concentrate really hard to make good headway in them and, I guess it is just what I am used to, but they take me so much longer than a normal text book to read.  However then I met Skim!

It is the story of a 16 year old girl called Skim, her actual name is Kim, but nobody calls her that.  She and her best friend are Wicca and tending towards Goth but nothing hard core.  They sneak out of school and smoke down in the bushes, they are isolated and the outsiders of their class at a Catholic Secondary school.  When the boyfriend of one of the ‘cool’ girls kills himself it sparks off a series of events  leading to further isolation, and eventually leading to troubles in the friendship of the two girls.  Kim falls for her English teacher and becomes totally obsessed in the way that schoolgirls do. Lots of people around the blogs think this is a lesbian graphic novel.  I didn’t think so, there are lots of girls who get a ‘thing’ for a teacher and who aren’t lesbian.

I loved the depiction of the girls, the art is fabulous and the story engrossing.  I would have loved it when I was a teenager if it had been around then.  Excellent read.


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