Roasted Vegetable Soup

I made this a couple of weeks ago and loved it.  My Mum has just given me a stick blender, I’ve never owned one before and really needed to test it out, she couldn’t believe I’d never used one!  Turns out it is blimin wonderful and now soupmaking has turned from a chore into an opportunity to use my new stick blender toy.  The weather here is so manky at the moment I think this is the perfect time for this recipe.

Now I am not usually a fan of recipes where you have to make something (the roast veges) to turn into something else (soup)  seems a bit pointless to me when roast veges are perfectly formed by themselves.  I have changed my mind after making this.  There is no real recipe just a method and you can use whatever veg you like, I’m just going to tell you what I used.

Peel and cut up pumpkin, carrots, leeks, garlic, red onion and anything else you might want to put in.

Throw them on an oiled roasting dish in an oven preheated to about 180 and walk away.  Come back when your house is all roasted vegetable smelling and turn them over (if you want, it can be dangerous as I always tend to leave half the veg stuck to the dish, but never mind)  when they are cooked take them out of the oven and allow them to cool a little.  If any are getting close to burning (I’m thinking the garlic here) take out and store till the rest are done.

When they are cool put them in a pot and take your new stick blender and wizz them (or put them into the food processor and press go).  When they are all mushed up, add stock of whatever flavour you have to hand, for me that is usually vegetable but anything goes, you could use water, and thin to the consistency you like.  Heat it up gently, you must do it gently or you will have Rotorua style mud poolish spitting going on – mess.  Serve with toast, English muffins, cheese rolls or bread rolls.  You are allowed to put a big dollop of natural yoghurt on the top, but I drizzled some olive oil on.  It was fabulous.


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