If you are a fan of the action movie, one which toys with your mind, one which keeps you guessing until the final moment as the credits start to roll, get thee to see this movie.  It is a high tension, sit on the edge of your seat and ‘did I really see that’ kind of movie.  On the way into the theatre the ticket seller told us she had seen it 5 times and was still seeing new things, we thought that a very good sign.

It is made by Christopher Nolan who made the last Batman movie which I also really enjoyed a couple of years ago,  I had dragged the boychild out for the evening and Batman was his movie choice,  I wasn’t expecting to like it myself at all.  So Inception has that same dark sinister feel, and cross that with James Bond and you are getting near how this movie feels.  Interestingly the characters are less important than the story and you could argue that they don’t acquire your sympathy very much at times, but I don’t think that is really a flaw in the movie, it feels like you have a kind of business like relationship with these guys.  My fave was Joseph Gordon-Levit I thought he was just so snarky cool, and beautifully dressed to boot. Loved the banter with him and the other guys.

Lots of folk have said that you need to concentrate and that it is difficult to follow but I didn’t find that.  I was completely tensed up and anxiety ridden and still haven’t figured out where we were at the end, but that is exactly what they wanted.  I was probably the target audience.  Excellent movie and I am going to see it again.


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