In the forest of hands and teeth by Carrie Ryan

This is a great story.  What a cool idea, a group of people escaping down a pathway with fences in either side and zombies trying to get at them as they travel on the pathway which leads them to a mysterious destination.  Grand idea.  There is a rash of zombies around at the moment and this one is the cream of the crop that I’ve read.

Mary lives in a village where the Unconsecrated are desperate to get to at the villagers, and the villagers are desperate – because the Unconsecrated are their loved ones who have become infected.  Mary is torn, between wanting the guy she loves and the fact that he is attached to another, her conflicted feelings for her family and her desperate need to get out of the village and to find the ocean her mother had told her of so often.  This is a love story, a zombie action thriller, a huge adventure and a jolly good read.  I’ll be needing the next one now.  The book is just begging to be made into a movie.  The images of the lives being led up on platforms is just fantastic.



  1. I’m racing through this one myself at the moment and I’m loving it! Just got the audio book of the 2nd novel in the series “The dead-tossed waves” which I hope to start listening to at the weekend and I see on her website that the 3rd book in the series “The dark and hollow places” is being released in March next year. She’s certainly an author to watch for I think.

  2. Ooh! I am picking up Dead-tossed Waves from the reserves desk today! I loved Forest of Hands & Teeth, felt quite on edge the whole time I was reading it – in a good way I guess! She really got the suspense right, for me at least 🙂

    @Senga, I’m helping two girls at school make their (and my) first book trailer, with iMovie. We’re using “What do you do with a tail like this?” by Steve Jenkins, my fave kids non-fiction author/illustrator.

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