It’s a book by Lane Smith and Mirror by Jeannie Baker

I read this gorgeous book yesterday while whiling away half an hour in the University Bookshop,  (they won the retailer of the year award here in Dunedin this year, and for me, heaven is just like the UBS but with coffee, oh and wine, and high count cotton sheets – I could go on!) anyway I was  looking for a present for the lovely Gemma Cupcake Tagg who was born on Wednesday.  Gemma belongs to Stewart and Adrienne (Dunedin is for Lovers) and is totally spectacular as babies go!

This is one of those ‘for all ages’ books.  I absolutely intend to buy it for school next year when I have budget again, it would be a great read aloud and is cute and funny.  The lovely ironic look at technology versus traditional reading is cool.  Watch the video and you’ll smile.

I also found the amazing Mirror by Jeannie Baker.  What a beautiful book it is.  Clever and interesting and collage – my favourite medium.  I have all the Jeannie Baker books so will buy this as a treat for myself, the sheer amount of work that she must put into the art in the books is staggering. The format is really interesting, two books side by side, you turn over the pages of the book on both sides and the story of the two separate characters, one of an Australian boy and on the opposite side a boy from Morocco, it is hard to describe and you should check out the video below for a look at it rather than have me inadequately describe how it works.


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