Spring has sprung

Little tiny daffodils

I get a terrible hard time about the leaves on my garden which are actually mulch.  They were gathered in autumn and are spread all over the beds and the place where the soil was really ruined from being under a load of plastic and pebbles all along the side of the path.  Eventually, when all the mulch has rotted down – and it is happening fast now that the weather is warming up – there will be lovely rich soil there.  I have added lots of horse poo an potting mix and compost so I’m hoping that it will all turn out fabulously, and I will end up with deep rich soil and healthy plants.  In the meantime the nasty boychild and his friends don’t ‘get’ my leaves.

In other areas of the garden there are major signs of spring.  The tiny daffodils I always forget I have are giving a great show and matchheads are up, even the tiny little light blue I am so proud of.  Below is a photo of the only camellia which has decided to flower, it has had a finger wagged at it and been told to perform better next year or be removed.  The other ones have lots of lovely growth on them but not a single flower.  Again, warnings have been issued, in writing.  Lets hope next year is the year of the camellias.  Watch this space for more pics of the treasures as they emerge from winter.

One of my very few camelia blooms


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