Case histories by Kate Atkinson

I admire Kate Atkinson.  I admire her ability to draw you into her world, I admire the fact that she has created the lovely Jackson Brodie who is a flawed but loveable hero.  I just really admire Kate Atkinson.  I read the other two books in this series ages ago on Kim Hill’s recommendation, but hadn’t read the first one.  Is this a series?  It doesn’t feel like a series it feels like a saga. 

So the book is about three separate cases that Jackson Brodie becomes involved in.  He is working as a private investigator having given up the Police force.  His marriage is over, he struggles with custody issues and he gets far too involved with his clients, not by choice but because he is just that kind of guy.  I was totally drawn into Jackson’s world and the world of the people in his cases, particularly the sisters whose baby sister had gone missing so many years ago.  I loved their eccentricities and weird bizarre behavior.

I knew that the cases were going to be connected but I didn’t figure out what it was until the end, that means it’s a great book for me.   If you’ve never tried Kate Atkinson then you are missing out.  Her writing is just the best.

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