Beetroot and Carrot Salad

In the winter I sometimes crave salad, and in the winter that can be a little bit of a problem.  Luckily I have discovered the joy of beetroot and carrot salad.  I recently served it to one of my lovely sisters and she said she hadn’t realised that it was possible to eat beetroot raw.  Well it is!  It is earthy and delicious and a little bit sweet, combined with the carrot it looks lovely and the crunch of the sunflower seeds makes it altogether delicious.

There isn’t a recipe only a suggested method, which you can adjust to fit whatever works for you.  Add a bit of this, a bit of that, mix it up, change it around, you get to decide with this one.

Peel and grate beetroot.  They go a long way, one medium one is probably enough, grate it and put half of the gratings into the bowl.  Peel a couple of carrots and grate.  Put half of this into the bowl.   Add the other half of the beetroot on the top and then the rest of the carrots.  Layering them if you will.  Get two forks and toss them all together.  You now want the juice of two lemons (or one lemon if you want)  or a big slosh of orange juice or some combination of juices, and pour over the top as a dressing.  Sprinkle a great big handful of sunflower seeds over the top and voila you have a great and prettily coloured salad.

In the photo you can see the brown coloured drizzle.  It is a balsamic dressing that I really like and I’ve added a little bit over the top.  I’ve also sometimes added some lemon oil I have which is delicious.  Play it by ear it tastes good whatever you do.  Walnuts are also good.


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