Cream cheese and pink peppercorn spread


Cream cheese and peppercorn spread (with cheese puffs)


I am having one of those phases where I keep making the same thing over and over.  It is school holidays and that means lots of socialising, and with the newly warmer weather, I am always whipping up a wee thingy to spread on crackers or dip things into.  This is that thing at the moment.  It changes every time I make it.

There isn’t a real recipe it just goes a bit like this:

Take half a pottle of cream cheese and soften in microwave (not too much) and add something like mayonnaise, sour cream, leftover dip or just use more cream cheese, you are after a creamy consistency.  Chop up a bunch of capers and add to the cream cheese, stir them in.  Add some pink peppercorns, stir again. Taste.  Adjust to suit – more is better in my opinion I like lots of bite in it so I add pepperdews if there are some.

There you go, creaminess and bitey pickleyness.  It tastes really good on wholemeal or plain crackers, and particularly good with the Cheese Puff recipe which is coming on here tomorrow (time permitting).


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