The Trevor Project

The new cause celeb in the states, but this one works for me.  Check out The Trevor Project website.   It’s about anti bullying and anti gay bashing. There is a nice line in one of the vids about being proactive and going and talking to a teenager you think might be having a hard time.  Nice thought, and now my thought:  Show these kids that you can have a normal ordinary and fulfilled life as a grown up gay person!  You don’t have to be troubled and miserable all your life, gay people are just as successful and fabulous as the rest of the population. Be out, and happy with it and happy with who you are and show by good example that life is for living.

The video here is Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame (oh how I love Project Runway) – talking about his experiences with bullying and suicide.  It is moving and very real.

Kathi Griffin says somewhere in the video below, that people don’t remember the Matthew Shepard story any more and I think she is right, and yet at the time of this incident people were so shocked and outraged.  The video below is from the Larry King show and while I’m not usually a fan it is worth investing 10 minutes to watch this one,the whole video isn’t here but you will get the drift and I guess if you want the rest you will find it on YouTube for yourselves.


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