How to deal with zombies in your library

This is a way cool initiative.  From Marston Science Library in the USA.  Seriously you want student engagement in your institution library this is obviously the way to go!  We have a Feed Your Brain board at work, this seems like a plan …..



  1. Well one could easily survive by just taking a few steps. A stilted home (like the ones in most beach areas) are ideal for zombie survival. But anywhere that you can either demolish or pull stairs up will be a forever safe haven against a zombie apocalypse. As zombies do not have the ability to jump you will be perfectly safe.

    I suggest somewhere above the snowline as once it snows the zombies will freeze and you will be able to forage for materials and maybe even find a new safe house for the next year.

    One could out live the entire apocalypse and die a normal death only due to getting old as long as they took the time to prepare. I suggest you do a bit of research on zombie survival as most people have the ability, but not the brains to actually survive.

    And the zombies would only last so long before rotting so chances are they are all gone long before you die of old age.

    1. They tried the stilted home thing in The Forest of Hands and Teeth but that didn’t go so well, the zombies still got in. There is a post about that somewhere else on this blog. They can’t jump but they can climb up over each other, not caring about the ones underneath – zombies have no emotions. I guess you are right, there have to be new zombies all the time so eventually they will die out after they have dealt to all the live flesh.

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