Outrageous Fortune – farewell old friend

I came late to Outrageous.  I only really began to watch in a serious manner two years ago, and then only because of firm pressure applied by my daughter.  She had been telling me for years that I would love it, I had bought her every series when it came out on DVD for xmas and she was, frankly, horrified that I had never been keen.  One show in and I was hooked, had to go and buy series one for myself,  do a quick swot and then Tuesday nights became All About Outrageous Tuesdays.  Tonight it is all over.  The West family will be done and dusted and Tuesdays will be mine again.  Here is the bugger though, I am going to be out.  I will be at a Quiz Night Fundraiser for The Purple Passions, raising funds to get them to The Outgames in Wellington in March.  Tormented – yes I am, conflicted – I’m that too!  It will be TV3 on demand for me not quite as good, but adequate.

I will miss Loretta the most, and Van, couldn’t they have a spin-off?  No, it wouldn’t be great would it?

So farewell to Outrageous and thanks for the laughs, the outrage, the fortunes you’ve made because of it.  Off you go and head out and make us some more fantastic NZ drama please.  You will be missed.

Outrageous Fortunes top ten moments via Stuff



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