Does owning an Android make you cleverer?

Correct answer:  Maybe!

My pretty android!

For my birthday I got an LG Android phone.  I am very excited, I have never owned a phone that was remotely cool and therefore gave me reflected coolness.  I have been considering all the options in the smartphone arena for some time and have been determined that eventually I would be the proud owner of one.  They have so much to offer and frankly have almost as much functionality as the lovely MacBook that I am typing this on.  I can take high definition video, it has a 5mp camera, and I can download an app from The Android market to do just about anything from helping manage my money (I am never going to do that it appears) to Skype, and all manner of social networking gizmos, games, toys, and such a lot more.  You name it there is an app to do it.

Why the Android option.  It is free, it is open and it is sharey.  I like sharey! (yes there are ads attached to many of the free apps but if I really like them I will purchase an add free app!)  So far I have not managed to remember the password for my router so I am just using the phone to access the app market rather than go on my wifi.  Have set up my new google account for email and have poked and prodded it a lot.  Managed to get the SD card to have a conniption and present a fault, have watched videos on YouTube to learn more tricks and features of the phone which is an LG by the way.

Apps I’ve installed so far:

  • Tomcat – a cute little cat that purrs and repeats back what you say.  It is silly and I like it.
  • Apps killer – cos you have to have one or your account will be sucked dry – the phone is always ‘on’
  • Games – Classic tetris, LineUp5, Bejewelled, Classic Bubbleblast,
  • Little treasures – Flashlight
  • Ringtones – Zedge and RingTone
  • Social Media Apps:  Twitter and Facebook

Some of the above will be deleted – games particularly.  It is a hit and miss process, it doesn’t matter how many sites you visit with recommended apps lists for Africa you are never going to love them all.

My big disappointment so far is that the radio is rubbish.  I am going to find a better application for radio which gives some options, the one installed has no functionality at all.  But that is no biggie, as the man at Dick Smith today said wisely “there is an app for everything!”  I shall eventually find one with a loudspeaker setting on it.

Anybody out there with great suggestions of Apps that I completely must have feel free to tell me.


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