Burlesque – the movie

Last night a group of lovely women headed off for a big night on the town to see this movie.  We were most excitable, not so much for the movie but more for the Burlesque show that preceded it.  Drinkies at Pequeno – love that bar!  Then we headed to the show.  A bunch of beauties strutted their stuff, waggled their wobbly bits and tittivated us with their – well you know what bits.  It was fun, it was classy and they were really good.  We watched the movie then headed back to Pequeno for more laughter and chats.  An excellent evening.

Now on to the movie, well luckily the first scene was by far the worst.  It couldn’t get any worse than that opening scene to be sure, horrible very bad acting.  I thought I might have to harm myself if the whole movie was going to be that bad, why on earth didn’t they re-do that scene?   The costumes are amazing, Christina Aguelera certainly has a grand old voice on her but I think she should probably sing for her living rather than act.  Cher is – well she is Cher, exactly the same as she always is in every movie, but likeable as always too.  Stanley Tucci is just lovely and he alone is worth the price of the ticket.  Some of the songs in this are downright ordinary and very long, but for a girls night out it was a ‘just fine’ movie.

If you love campy costumey musicals this will be a must, do not expect great drama, but it is a bit of fluff which is fairly fun.  You will see every single cliche rolled out and you will have the story figured out in about the first 10 minutes, but what the hey, it is a frothy frilly thing!


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